The investigation of learner-assessment interaction in learning management systems


  • Adem Özgür Uşak University
  • Halil Yurdugül Hacettepe University


Interactions play a fundamental role in distance education. The interactions occurring between learner and content; learner and learner; and learner and instructor are key interactions often studied in literature and have significant impact on academic achievement in different contexts. In addition, self-assessment is an important component of learning environments, with potential impact on the achievement of the learner. This study aimed to investigate the interactions between learners and self-assessment within a learning management system. e-Learning behaviours, that the learners displayed in a learning management system within the scope of Computer Networks and Communication course, was recorded for six weeks. Explanatory factor analysis was applied to the obtained e-learning behaviour variables. This suggested that the e-learning behaviours in this setting divided into five factors. The factors were named according to the characteristics of the e-learning behaviours: learner-content, learner-learner, learner-instructor, learner-assessment and learner-feedback interactions. The impact of these interaction variables on the development of the achievement was examined, and learner-instructor and learner-assessment interactions were found to be significant.