Module facelift: engaging student technology teachers with Maths


  • Sue Milne
  • Sarah Honeychurch
  • Niall Barr


In recent years a First Year Mathematics module for student Technology teachers has undergone a significant redesign due to a combination of factors.  In 2010 a new tutor took over the module and began to add more content to the existing course in order to encourage students to engage with online resources, but a total redesign was not possible due to the limitations of the existing Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) (Moodle 1.9).  In 2012, with support from the Learning Technology Unit, this course was restructured on the new Moodle 2.x site in order that a new tool for quiz authoring and delivery could be embedded within the course.  Previous technologies available were limited in various ways; with the arrival of this new tool sophisticated questions can be delivered and activities can be accessed on and off campus.  In addition to this, the new version of the course includes tools for social networking and collaborative learning.