Improving a tutor’s feedback assessment tool: Transforming Open Mentor following two recent deployments


  • Alejandra Recio-Saucedo University of Southampton
  • Denise M. Whitelock The Open University
  • Lester H. Gilbert University of Southampton
  • Stuart Watt Ontario Institute for Cancer Research
  • Stylianos Hatzipanagos King’s College London
  • Paul Gillary King’s College London
  • Pei Zhang University of Southampton


Recent changes in higher education have increased pressure on institutions to engage students in more reflective learning, alongside increased involvement in the assessment process through effective use of feedback and feedback opportunities. The paper presents the results of a technology transfer study where an innovation aimed at enhancing assessment practices through the qualitative analysis of tutor's feedback, Open Mentor, is deployed in two higher education institutions. The study involved a first-round deployment of Open Mentor, followed by evaluation, a development phase and a second-round deployment, with a final evaluation of the technology focusing on the pedagogical potential of Open Mentor. The interest raised by Open Mentor provides a clear direction for future technologies to support tutors in the creation and delivery of quality feedback. It also shows the demand from tutors for support in this vital component of the teaching/learning transaction. Finally, theoretical and practical contributions from tutors offer a development path for Open Mentor, which promotes transfer of Open Mentor across institutions and academic departments.