Is Rogō a viable alternative to Questionmark Perception in the Medical Sciences Division at Oxford?


  • Damion Young University of Oxford
  • Jon Mason University of Oxford


The Medical Sciences Division (MSD) at the University of Oxford has a strong background in online assessment with Questionmark Perception. However, for the MSD, Perception does not fully deliver all of the potential benefits of e-assessment. A number of drivers for change are identified: authoring; performance and delivery; costs; reporting; and flexibility. Open source e-assessment offers a potential solution and the MSD has recently taken its first steps with the open source e-assessment system, Rogō. The extent to which Rogō addresses the drivers for change is discussed. Benefits for authoring, hardware cost, performance and flexibility are clear. These and Rogō's potential to address the other drivers make this a serious contender, but many of the barriers which hinder the move from paper-based to computer-aided assessment also appear to apply to the move from one e-assessment system to another. More work on developing an open source community and confidence building - confirming reliability and security in particular - is required.