The strategic importance of policy development to successful e-assessment implementation


  • David Walker University of Dundee


Successful e-assessment implementation is in large part dependent on the development of a clear policy framework around which practice can establish, embed and mature. Policy should reference relevant legislation and standards; acknowledge technical/capacity limitations and recognise risk; highlight relevant professional development provision; and involve all stakeholders in an on-going process of development. The University of Dundee was among the first institutions to produce a dedicated policy governing practice in relation to e-assessment. This resource has been shared freely and represents the template upon which many other institutions have based their procedures in this area. The existence of such a policy has facilitated adoption of different e-assessment approaches by academic staff, working within a clear framework to ensure the reliability, validity, security and importantly the credibility of technology-enhanced/enabled assessments presented to students. This paper aims to serve as a guide to those seeking to develop policy in this area.