A completely client-side approach to e-assessment and e-learning of mathematics and statistics


  • Bill Foster Newcastle University
  • Christian Perfect Newcastle University
  • Anthony Youd Newcastle University


This paper introduces Numbas, a new SCORM-2004 compliant open-source and multi-platform e-assessment and e-learning system developed and used at Newcastle University. The main focus of implementation is on rich formative
e-assessment and learning, blending powerful mathematical and statistical functionality with its unique browser and client-based design, bringing into play the full capability and resources of the internet. It can be used for all numerate disciplines in education and training and builds upon and extends successful designs and implementations used for many years in higher education (HE), further education (FE) and secondary education. As well as describing the unique features of Numbas and their future development, the reasons behind its design are explained and contrasted with other powerful open-source assessment systems aimed at numerate disciplines.