Embedded assessments: Building knowledge checks, surveys and other assessments into learning materials


  • John Kleeman Questionmark Computing Ltd.
  • Eric Shepherd Questionmark Computing Ltd.
  • Joan Phaup Questionmark Computing Ltd.


This paper describes the concept of embedding a computerized assessment on a web page, so that it appears side-by-side with learning material, rather than keeping an assessment linked but separate from the learning material. The paper gives examples of embedded assessments in wikis, web pages, blogs, portals, social networking sites and other media.
The ability to place assessments within many different contexts changes their potential uses and brings them directly into the learning process. There is an analogy in how videos used to be separate computer objects but are now commonplace within pages and mash-ups; the paper suggests that formative assessments are going the same way.
The paper provides an overview of embedded assessments, explains their value to learners and instructors and shares examples of where such assessments can be used. It also covers places where they should not be used and discusses some implementation challenges for deploying and using them.
Last, the paper considers how embedded assessments might be used in future and considers how they might help shape the future of learning. Some directions for potential future research are also indicated.